Pressure washing

All exterior surfaces need cleaning and the process usually starts with the removal of accumulated dirt, oxidation, other contaminants and failed top-coatings.  The pressure washing method of using water and other detergents under mechanically pressurized expulsion provides a quick solution to preparing your surfaces for final protection.


Once the surface is clean and stable, Government Painting will begin the steps of analyzing your site conditions and  work closely with the top-coat manufacturers so that we formulate a perfect product for your application.  These products will combine to provide years of protection against weather, uv, artificial light and abuse.  Please call our representatives for the proper specification of your coatings.

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Referral service

We only work on Government Projects, however, we have a long history of working with knowledgeable contractors and manufacturers in the residential and commercial application of products in both the painting and flooring industries.

Please see our Contact Us page, add your project specs and we will forward your information to our referral network who are happy to get you a FREE QUOTE!

Our cleaning and painting services

Whether you have concrete/asphalt drives, warehouse tilt walls, equipment, aircraft, municipal facilities, schools or office space, Government Painting, LLC can provide pressure washing and painting for all your needs.


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