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Dennis L. Hinojos, began a construction and flooring business in 2001.

His companies acquired various real properties and executed renovations for the improvement and longevity of the structures. This general business plan began to focus more and more on government clients and he realized there was a niche that was untapped as a specific market segment; that niche was government entities.

Mr. Hinojos was not only interested in the government clients, he decided to specialize and focus solely on the various aspects of working with their purchasing departments and facility managers for their painting and flooring needs.  This is a complicated undertaking and there are laborious steps required to properly document, price and execute renovation projects for these governmental clients.

Over the years, strong relationships developed with the government sector, as such, these entities began asking for additional services.

Our company provides contract services, project management and client support for both our Painting and Flooring divisions.

We continue to be dedicated toward the long-term relationships required in this high-level niche.



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